You Should Hire Bartenders for Your Event – Here’s Why

You Should Hire Bartenders for Your Event – Here’s Why

Patrick Fulgencio, Head Bartender at Dear Friend Bar


you’ve just finished putting together your whole event. All the invites have gone out, the venue has been selected, and all the food and entertainment booked. Shoot, you forgot something. People will likely want a drink or two.

If you thought you could leave it and go on a beer and liquor run on the day of the event. Sure, that’s fine – but this is a bartender’s blog, after all. Read on to find out why bartenders are any event organizer’s best friend.


Let’s get this out of the way, ensuring everyone has a drink in hand at your event is no simple feat. There’s deciding what drinks will be there, ordering said drinks, driving to pick them up, taking stock of the glassware and ingredients needed, second guessing whether you’ve bought too little or too much, the list goes on. Sound like a logistical nightmare?

When it comes to getting drinks in your guest’s hands, a lot of work is required, and a professional will save you the time and give you the peace of mind you need.


For those who absolutely despise doing dishes. Whether it’s a house party, a wedding, or a corporate event. No amount of teardown is too small to get in the way of kicking your feet up to reward yourself for a night well-celebrated. The last thing you want to do after thanking everyone for their attendance is worrying about the glassware, whether you rented them or not.

Considering all these points, it seems like a no-brainer that hiring a bartender for your event would do more than just get tasty drinks in your guests’ hands. And that’s because, well, it would. A good event bartender will not only ensure there’s a drink in everyone’s hands, they’ll ensure your peace of mind too.


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