Need expert advice on bars?

We help build profitable bars in Halifax and Atlantic Canada

With over 25 years in the Food & Beverage industry, we’ve crafted the ultimate playbook for bar success. Let us help you build your own blueprint to a profitable, guest-loved bar.

Our Satisfied Clients

“Fantastic time learning how to mix and enjoy drinks responsibly!!! Very Clever…”

We understand your pains

We get the bar business in Canada. Maintaining healthy profit margins can feel impossible amidst fluctuating costs and market demands.

From inventory management, compliance, and menu creation, to staff productivity and management coaching, we’re here to guide you and help you increase your bar’s efficiency.

Overall evaluation

Discover where your business stands right now. We'll give you a clear picture of your bar's strengths and areas to improve.

Bar layout design

We’ll show you how to find the sweet spot of a bar that looks good and works well. We'll design a space that's both beautiful and efficient.

Cost & inventory systems

Keep your finances in check without affecting your inventory. We'll set up systems to make sure your bar is profitable.

Tools & equipment procurement

Purchase only the best for your bar. We'll help you pick top-quality tools and glassware that enhance your guests' experience.

Why get bar consulting services from The Clever Barkeep?

How does it work?

  1. Contact us and tell us what you need help with
  2. We’ll have a call to understand your specific challenges and objectives
  3. We’ll draft a Statement of Work (SOW), outlining the project plan and timeline
  4. Expect concise, biweekly updates to stay informed on our progress
  5. We’ll implement the project, tailored to your needs, either on-site or remotely
  6. Post-project, you’ll receive a detailed report summarizing our achievements
  7. We’ll check in periodically to ensure ongoing success and address any new needs

We also offer audits and overall evaluations

Continuous improvement is key. Our comprehensive audits evaluate your establishment’s operations; the tangible and intangible aspects of service. We identify strengths, uncover areas of improvement, and provide actionable insights.

From assessing product knowledge and guest experience to analyzing cocktail creation times and pour accuracy, we leave no stone unturned.

We are ready to help you unlock your bar’s full potential. Let’s partner today!