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Elevate your beverage offerings with over 25 years of award-winning expertise. Discover the blueprint to a thriving, guest-loved bar menu.

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Consistency is the heartbeat of every successful bar

Make sure every drink served represents your brand. Inconsistent drinks not only affect metrics and margins but erode the trust guests place in your business.

Leverage the power of social media with marketable cocktails

Cocktails aren’t just profitable, they’re a sensation. With platforms like Instagram, your guests become your marketers, reaching vast networks with every shared sip.

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We craft menus that delight

In collaboration with your team, we design menus that truly showcase your bar’s soul. Staying ahead of culinary and mixology trends, we ensure your offerings remain fresh and unique.

Sustainability is at our core. With a focus on seasonal ingredients and low waste, our menus not only appeal to the palate but also to the planet. And with our comprehensive training, your team will confidently replicate every drink, every time.

Meet the minds behind The Clever Barkeep

Marika Bouchard

Event Coordinator, Mixologist

Jeff Van Horne

Owner, Catering Manager & Mixologist

Matt Boyle

Owner, Business Manager & Mixologist

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The Clever Barkeep has award-winning cocktail recipes published in publications such as: Difford’s Guide and Imbibe Magazine, A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails and numerous local periodicals.