Barware Gift Guide

Bartending at home this holiday season?

In order to make great cocktails you need great tools. Below we have listed five great places where you can order a plethora of barware. Which ones do you order? Don’t worry, we’ve also listed a few tools that can get the job done.

Cocktail emporum


Tool #1: A Mixing Glass. Depending on the type of cocktail you’re crafting, a mixing glass is used to stir your spirit and ingredients over ice. Stirring your ingredients will both dilute and chill your cocktail.

Barware. Bar spoon


Tool #2: A Bar Spoon. You’re going to want to taste your cocktail before you serve it. The bar spoon will allow you to do that and stir your cocktails in the mixing glass. Use the back of your hand to carefully place a drop from you spoon and taste from your hand… This is a situation where you don’t want to lick the spoon!

cocktail bar tools


Tool #3: A Shaker. You’re going to want to purchase a shaker that has a great seal for when you’re shaking. They’re a couple of different types of shakers out there but our favourite is called a Boston Shaker. Make sure to choose one with great quality (stainless steel) You want it to withstand the dishwasher and all the bouncing around.

Bar Tools


Tool #4: A Strainer. You don’t want floating ingredients and ice chips in your cocktails. When finished shaking your tins, place the strainer on the top and pour into your favourite glass. A quality strainer has a tight coil to prevent anything from making it into your drink.

Movers and Shakers


Tool #5: Glassware. Each cocktail normally has its own type of glass structure. A Collins, coupe, rocks or wine glass each provide a different shape in order for your drink to look and taste it’s best.

Happy Holidays & Happy Crafting!


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