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Great Bar Gift Ideas for Cocktail Lovers You Can’t Miss

Hey there, holiday shoppers! Are you scratching your head, trying to find the perfect gift for that cocktail-loving friend of yours? Whether they’re just starting out or they’re practically a pro bartender, we’ve got you covered with some gift ideas that’ll stir up their passion (and their drinks)!

Let’s explore the ultimate gifts that every cocktail enthusiast dreams of.

Let’s Understand the World of Cocktail Lovers

Cocktail making is an exciting art. It’s all about mixing up different flavors and techniques to create something amazing. For those who love making drinks, even when they’re shaking or stirring, choosing the perfect glass, or adding a fancy garnish, every step is part of the adventure.

How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Cocktail Lovers

  1. Gift ideas for beginners
    Starting out in the world of cocktails? A high-quality shaker or a complete cocktail kit is like giving them the key to a treasure chest of mixology. It’s the perfect starter pack for their cocktail crafting adventure.
  2. For the home bartender
    Got a friend who’s the king or queen of their home bar? Elevate their game with something fancy, like a sleek Japanese jigger or a crystal-clear mixing glass. These aren’t just tools; they’re the secret ingredients to their next-level home bartending.
  3. Unique and personalized gifts
    Do you want to really wow them? How about a custom-engraved cocktail shaker or glasses with their name on it? It’s like saying, “I know you, and I know you love a good cocktail.”
  4. Non-alcoholic alternatives
    Let’s not forget our mocktail fans! Premium syrups and non-alcoholic spirits are the perfect gifts for those who love the craft without the buzz.

BONUS: For both newbies and experts, a good cocktail book can be a treasure trove of recipes, tips, and fun facts about the world of cocktails.

Where to Buy Bar Gifts for Drink Lovers

We’ve got some great recommendations for both online and local stores where you can find all sorts of cocktail-related gifts:

Cocktail emporum

  1. Best for mixing glasses: COCKTAIL EMPORIUM

Depending on the type of cocktail you’re crafting, a mixing glass is used to stir your spirit and ingredients over ice. Stirring your ingredients will both dilute and chill your cocktail.

Barware. Bar spoon

2. Best for bar spoons: COCKTAIL KINGDOM

You’re going to want to taste your cocktail before you serve it. The bar spoon will allow you to do that and stir your cocktails in the mixing glass. Use the back of your hand to carefully place a drop from you spoon and taste from your hand… This is a situation where you don’t want to lick the spoon!

cocktail bar tools

3. Best for Shakers: FILTH & VERMOUTH

You’re going to want to purchase a shaker that has a great seal for when you’re shaking. They’re a couple of different types of shakers out there but our favourite is called a Boston Shaker. Make sure to choose one with great quality (stainless steel) You want it to withstand the dishwasher and all the bouncing around.

Bar Tools

4. Best for strainers: BIG ERICS

You don’t want floating ingredients and ice chips in your cocktails. When finished shaking your tins, place the strainer on the top and pour into your favourite glass. A quality strainer has a tight coil to prevent anything from making it into your drink.

Movers and Shakers

5. For Glassware: MOVER AND SHAKER CO

Each cocktail normally has its own type of glass structure. A Collins, coupe, rocks or wine glass each provide a different shape in order for your drink to look and taste it’s best.

Make Sure You Raise the Bar

Finding the perfect gift for a cocktail lover is a way to fuel their passion and dreams. But what if you could take this gift-giving to the next level? What if you could offer not just tools and gadgets, but the gift of knowledge and skill?

This is where we step in. At The Clever Barkeep, we believe that the art of bartending is a journey of continuous learning. Whether you have a friend who owns a bar or someone who is passionate about elevating their bartending skills, our doors are open to assist.

Our team of experienced bartenders and mixologists is excited to offer mentorship and guidance. From mastering the basics to exploring advanced techniques, we tailor our mentorship and consulting to suit their individual needs and aspirations.

So, whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone or seeking to elevate your own bartending skills, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Join us, and let’s raise the bar together!


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