Do you provide the alcohol?

Yes we do!

I really would like to have the Clever Barkeep at my special event. I’m doing my event at an already licensed establishment. Can the Clever Barkeep work here?

If the venue permits, absolutely.

Does your team provide Liquor Licenses?

We will draft up the application with you, but will need your signature for the event. We can be named as the persons responsible for ordering the alcohol, however.

Is the Clever Barkeep Insured?

Indeed. We have $5MM Commercial Liability Insurance for your Special Event.

Do you travel?

Does Don Draper like Old Fashioneds? Of course. Our events have landed us all over the Atlantic Provinces in Canada and as far as Toronto.

Do you provide the bar?

Yes. We have options for you, from harvest table-style wooden bars, to vintage 80s light up mobile bars.

Did we miss something? Drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to answer your questions.