Holiday Bartending Tips

Tips to make your holiday a success

We get asked all the time: “what can I do to ease the burden of serving cocktails while I’m hosting at home?” Our advice, make it easy on yourself. Prepare, keep it simple and consider the occasion. Here are a couple tips to help you throughout the holidays.

1) Offer A Wide Range Drink Menu, But Not Too Many!

BEER: When selecting drinks like beer, make sure you have a crushable light beer and two other styles. You don’t need to offer the most interesting beer you’ve ever tasted on the planet; you want to offer things that people are comfortable with and have variation of different styles to sip throughout the evening.

WINE: With wine; get two reds and two whites. One of each wine should be something interesting and “funky” and the other, something popular.

COCKTAILS: Offer a refreshing style cocktail, a stirred cocktail that is spirit-forward and potentially a carbonated offering like a gin and tonic cart. You can also get sneaky with your “release” of your menu and bring out more options as the night goes on. Make your guests feel even more special by bringing out a ready-to-drink canned espresso martini for the desert course! It will certainly wow your guests.

ANOTHER HOT TIP: Printing out your menu for people to see seals the deal.

2) Do Your Work In Advance.

Some key questions to answer while planning your preparation are:

  • How many people will be coming? (This will help you determine how much glassware, products and ice you will need)

  • What are some of their favourite drink-styles? (Think about the unique flavours they might enjoy and incorporate that into your drinks)

  • How long is the party? (Offer different drinks throughout the gathering and pair them with the right food course or room setting)

You don’t want to exclude anyone, so stick to simple offerings that are refreshing and delicious. Once you’ve made your decisions, do your research on recipes (Here’s our cocktail recipe book for good measure). Make a grocery list for fresh ingredients that pretane to your cocktail recipe and prepare the day before. Don’t forget about the ice! Lots of ice!

Happy Holidays & Happy Crafting


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