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A bartender is only as efficient as the bar design allows. The Clever Barkeep specializes in optimizing the placement of your bar equipment and machinery to boost efficiency and speed up service.

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Operational bar and underbar design

We understand bar layout from both the consumer’s and bartender’s perspectives. We look at everything that makes your bar tick, from how people move around to making sure your team can work comfortably. Our designs make your bar faster, more accurate, and more efficient, which means you’ll see better profits and a happier team.

Functional layouts and logistics

Your bar’s layout can make a big difference in how quickly and easily your bartenders can serve drinks. At The Clever Barkeep, we focus on creating smart layouts that make the best use of every inch of space. This means your staff can keep up the pace during busy hours and your customers get their drinks faster.

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Bar glassware and tools procurement

The tools and glassware behind your bar make a statement about your establishment. Let us help you select the perfect tools that fit your budget and dramatically enhance your guests’ experience. From elegant mixing glasses to practical nutmeg grinders, we’ll equip your bar with high-quality, durable products for your specific needs.

Thanks to our strong industry connections, we can outfit your bar with the finest tools and glassware from renowned manufacturers like BYOB (Toronto), Cocktail Kingdom (NYC), and Alambika (Montreal).

We focus on:

Looking to improve your leadership too?

We also transform bar managers into visionary leaders through our expert bar leadership coaching services.

Meet the minds behind The Clever Barkeep

With over 25 years of combined experience, we have done it all — from dishwashing to managing bars. We’ve also launched award-winning, top-tier restaurants across Canada and won international bartending competitions. 

Whether you’re opening a new spot, revamping your menu, or training your team, we’re here to help you succeed!

Marika Bouchard

Event Coordinator, Mixologist

Jeff Van Horne

Owner, Catering Manager & Mixologist

Matt Boyle

Owner, Business Manager & Mixologist

We also offer audits and overall evaluations

Continuous improvement is key. Our comprehensive audits evaluate your bar’s operations; the tangible and intangible aspects of service. We identify strengths, uncover areas of improvement, and provide actionable insights.

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