Product training for mixologists & bartenders

Transform your bar staff into cocktail experts

The more product knowledge your team acquires, the more successful they will be selling luxury spirits, up-selling wine and suggesting food-pairings. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your bar staff!

Our Satisfied Clients

Their knowledge of spirits is terrific, but more than that, it's the way they engage with people, are open to questions and input, and give insight into the mad magic of mixology

The ultimate mixologist & bartending training

At the end of our workshops, your staff will be able to:

Confidently upsell and recommend premium beverages

Your team will have the knowledge needed to effectively promote higher-margin drinks.

Craft distinctive, unique cocktails for your clients

Your bartenders will gain the skills to create signature drinks that become a draw for your bar.

Make informed food and beverage pairings

They will suggest perfect pairings that enhance the dining experience.

Engage your guests with their new expertise

Your team will be trained to enrich guest interactions with fascinating product histories and details.

Drive increased sales and profitability

They’ll utilize advanced selling techniques to boost your venue’s revenue consistently.

Build lasting relationships with customers

Your staff will establish a trusted rapport that encourages guests to return time and again.

After taking a mixology workshop with these guys, I have nothing but great things to say! I would 100% recommend for any group looking to learn more about cocktails, bachelorettes, weddings etc.

Looking to improve your leadership too?

We also transform bar managers into visionary leaders through our expert bar leadership coaching services.

Meet the minds behind The Clever Barkeep

With over 25 years of combined experience, we have done it all — from dishwashing to managing bars. We’ve also launched award-winning, top-tier restaurants across Canada and won international bartending competitions.

Whether you’re opening a new spot, revamping your menu, or training your team, we’re here to help you succeed!

Marika Bouchard

Event Coordinator, Mixologist

Jeff Van Horne

Owner, Catering Manager & Mixologist

Matt Boyle

Owner, Business Manager & Mixologist

We also offer audits and overall evaluations

Continuous improvement is key. Our comprehensive audits evaluate your bar’s operations; the tangible and intangible aspects of service. We identify strengths, uncover areas of improvement, and provide actionable insights.

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