29 Unique Company Gathering Ideas in Halifax, Nova Scotia

29 Unique Corporate Gathering Ideas in Halifax, Nova Scotia

If you’ve been tasked with planning your company’s next event and want to step outside the conventional boring conference room pizza party, you’re in the right place. 

Here at The Clever Barkeep, we believe that the best corporate events are those that leave employees and any other attendee feeling connected, rejuvenated, and inspired. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 29 unique corporate gathering ideas for inspiration.

Why Canadian Companies Should Consider Corporate Events

Hosting corporate events is a smart business strategy that really pays off. These events are a perfect opportunity to bring your team closer together, foster new ideas, and just give everyone a well-deserved break from the usual grind.

Corporate gatherings create opportunities for networking, collaboration, and sharing insights that might not happen during regular work hours. Think of it as setting the stage for innovation and deeper connections among team members, which are crucial for a thriving workplace culture.

Altogether, these benefits translate into a more cohesive, motivated workforce and a stronger, more profitable business.

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What are Some Examples of Corporate Events?

  1. Employee Appreciation Day – These are events specifically designed to recognize and reward the efforts of employees, which can include parties, outings, or special presentations.
  2. Team building events – These are essential for fostering collaboration and camaraderie among team members. They can range from problem-solving activities to physical challenges or creative workshops.
  3. Client relationship building events – Such events focus on strengthening the bond with clients through exclusive gatherings like dinners, sport days, or private tours, offering a relaxed setting for networking and deepening business relationships.
  4. Award ceremonies – Hosted to honour employee achievements, milestones, or industry accolades, these events can be formal or informal and are significant for boosting morale and recognition within the company.
  5. Product launches – Critical for debuting new products in the market, these events aim to generate excitement and buzz, involving media, stakeholders, and customers.
  6. Conference and seminars – These educational or informative events are designed to provide training, development, or insights related to the company or industry. They often feature speakers, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  7. Company milestones – Celebrations of significant corporate anniversaries or achievements. These can be grand events that invite not just employees but also key stakeholders, clients, and media.
  8. Executive retreats – Focused on strategic planning and rejuvenation, these are usually held at offsite locations and involve high-level executives for in-depth discussions and decision-making.
  9. Holiday parties – Held to celebrate major holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, or the Fourth of July, these are generally more informal and focus on celebrating seasonal cheer within the company.
  10. Charity events – These events are organised to support a charitable cause, enhancing the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts. They can be gala events, auctions, or participation in larger charity events like marathons.

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How Do You Plan a Fun Corporate Event That People Actually Like?

Planning a fun corporate event doesn’t have to be a headache—it can actually be pretty exciting! The key is to keep your focus on what would make the event enjoyable for everyone so people want to actually attend. 

Here’s how you can make sure your corporate gathering is a hit:

  • First up, think about your team. What do they enjoy? Are they adventurous, or would they prefer something more laid back? Are they mostly seniors or young gen Z-ers wanting some fun?
  • Next, dial in the details. Location is everything, and finding the perfect venue can make or break your event. Look for places that are practical and easy for everyone to get to. Once you’ve nailed down where, think about when. Timing is key, so choose a date that avoids busy periods at work to ensure maximum attendance. Corporate activities that can be hosted throughout the day should ideally take place during working hours to avoid giving employees the impression that you are snatching their time off.
  • Then, add some special touches. Food and drink options should cater to different tastes and dietary needs, ensuring nobody feels left out. Entertainment, whether a DJ, a live band, a bartender, or even a quirky photo booth, should align with the overall theme and tone of the event. These elements can transform a standard gathering into a truly spectacular occasion.
  • Finally, don’t forget to communicate clearly and frequently. Send out invites well in advance, provide all the necessary details, and get confirmations. Closer to the event, a reminder can go a long way to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

With a bit of planning and a focus on what your team loves, your next corporate event can be the highlight of the company calendar. Just remember, the goal is to make sure everyone leaves with a smile!

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29 Unique Corporate Gathering Ideas for Companies in Halifax, Nova Scotia

For employee appreciation day:

  1. Casino night: Set up casino games with fake money. It’s a fun way for employees to learn new games and bond. The best part? They won’t spend their money.
  2. Outdoor company picnic: Host a picnic with games, raffles, door prizes, and bounce houses to show appreciation for employees.
  3. Ice cream social: Offer a variety of flavours and toppings for a relaxed and enjoyable employee gathering.
  4. Karaoke party: Rent a machine and let employees show off their singing skills.
  5. Board game marathon: Set up various games around the office or a rented space for strategic fun.

Team building events:

  1. Adventure sports team outing: Plan activities like cycling at Dartmouth Waterfront Trail, indoor rock climbing, kayaking, or ropes courses to foster teamwork.
  2. Cooking class competition: Divide employees into teams for a culinary challenge under professional guidance.
  3. Sports day: Organise team sports like soccer, basketball, or softball for team bonding.
  4. Arts and crafts workshop: Host sessions like pottery or painting, providing a creative outlet.
  5. Cultural festival: Celebrate diverse cultures with food, music, and dance.

Client relationship building events:

  1. Themed cocktail parties: Create custom cocktails that fit a specific theme, adding authenticity to the event. The Clever Barkeep, a private bartender service provider in Halifax, can help you design fun cocktails for your corporate event. Reach out to us for a consultation.
  2. Gourmet food trucks: Bring a selection of food trucks to offer diverse culinary choices at client events.

Award ceremonies:

  1. Live music night: Incorporate as part of an awards night gala to enhance the celebratory atmosphere. Hire a band for an evening of music and dancing.
  2. Signature drink creation: Create a special drink for the ceremony, reflecting the company’s achievements or the theme of the awards. Take a look at our packages here. We can help you create a signature drink for your event!

Product launches:

  1. Product-themed cocktail reception: Develop a cocktail menu where each drink reflects an aspect of the new product, its features, or its benefits. Have bartenders explain the connection to guests as they serve the drinks.
  2. Launch day Breakfast: Kick off the launch day with a morning event featuring breakfast cocktails like mimosas, Bellinis, and Bloody Marys, providing a relaxed setting for the media and stakeholders.

Conference and seminars:

  1. Cocktail workshops: Include a fun, interactive session during conferences or seminars to facilitate networking and learning. Take a look at our menu. The Clever Barkeep can hold cocktail workshops for your organization!
  2. Health and wellness day: Organise as part of a conference focusing on personal development and employee well-being.

Company milestones:

  1. Anniversary cocktail gala: Celebrate your company’s anniversary with a formal gala and a themed cocktail menu that reflects the company’s journey and achievements. Each drink could represent a significant milestone.
  2. Champagne brunch: Host a celebratory brunch where a bartender serves various sparkling wines and champagne cocktails, along with a gourmet buffet.
  3. Decade-themed party: If your company milestone coincides with a specific decade, throw a themed party (like the roaring 20s or groovy 70s) and have bartenders serve era-specific cocktails.
  4. Toast to the future: Mark the occasion with a special toast using a custom-developed cocktail or spirit blend that symbolizes the company’s future aspirations, explained and served by a skilled bartender.

Executive retreats:

  1. Luxury wine and spirit tasting: Organise an exclusive tasting event featuring high-end wines, whiskeys, and other spirits. A knowledgeable bartender can guide the tasting and discuss the fine points of each selection. Contact The Clever Barkeep to set up a fun mobile bar at your office!
  2. Relaxing cocktail hour by the fire: For retreats in cooler climates, set up a cosy outdoor or indoor fire pit area where executives can relax with specially crafted warm cocktails.
  3. Mixology masterclass: Include a private session where executives can learn to mix classic cocktails and create their own, led by a top mixologist.

Holiday parties:

  1. Mocktail bars: Prepare a range of non-alcoholic beverages for inclusive events. The Clever Barkeep can help you with this!
  2. Holiday craft cocktail competition: Invite employees to create their own holiday-themed cocktails with a range of spirits, mixers, and garnishes provided. A bartender can judge the creations based on taste, presentation, and creativity.

Charity Events

  1. Volunteer day: Organise a day dedicated to community service, enhancing the company’s corporate social responsibility efforts. You can find numerous volunteer opportunities in Halifax here.
  2. DIY arts and crafts fair: Host a fair where employees can sell their crafts or artwork, potentially raising funds for charity. You can find a list of Registered Charities in Halifax here.

How The Clever Barkeep Can Help Turn Your Corporate Event into a Success

Let The Clever Barkeep help you make your next corporate event in Halifax unforgettable! Here’s how we can ensure your gathering is a hit:

  • We offer unique cocktail experiences: Every event has a unique flavour, and so should the drinks. We will craft custom cocktail menus that perfectly blend with your event’s theme. 
  • We’re expert bartenders: We’re skilled in making exceptional drinks and pros at engaging with guests. Quick, charismatic, and cool under pressure—we’ll keep the drinks and the good times flowing.
  • We can host engaging mixology workshops: Looking for something more interactive? Our cocktail workshops are perfect. They’re fun, engaging, and a great way to break the ice among team members.
  • We have a versatile mobile bar: Wherever your event might be, our mobile bar setup can adapt. We bring everything needed to transform any space into a chic bar area. This flexibility allows you to host your event anywhere in Halifax without worrying about the logistics of drink service.
  • We offer inclusive beverage catering: We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s craft beers, boutique wines, or elegant mocktails, we ensure that your guests have plenty of options to choose from.
  • Our seamless event management: Leave the stress of managing the drinks to us. From the initial planning to the final guest’s departure, we handle all things beverage.

Let The Clever Barkeep serve the drinks at your next corporate function in Halifax and enjoy the confidence of having a partner who cares about making your event successful and special. Give us a shout, and let’s make some magic happen together!


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