This is Why You Must Hire Private Bartenders for Your Events

9 Reasons Why You Must Hire A Private Bartender for Your Events

We’ve all attended those parties where the ambiance feels flat and everything seems, well, tepid. It’s hard not to feel a bit of sympathy for the person who put it all together. But here’s the good news: that won’t happen to you. We’ve cracked the code. The secret ingredient to elevate your gathering from meh to memorable isn’t just the colourful drinks—it’s also the expertise behind them.

Yes, we’re talking about private professional bartenders.

Keep reading to discover why bringing a private bartender on board might just be the best decision you make for your next event.

What is a private bartender?

A private bartender is a professional trained in the art of drink-making. Besides mixing cocktails, private bartenders are also trained to create unique experiences for guests.

In contrast to someone without formal training, a private bartender has been fully educated in understanding different spirits and mastering the perfect pour, both in taste and presentation. Also, while a regular bartender typically works behind the bar at establishments and pubs, a private bartender offers a custom and personalized service on demand.

But, “is it truly worth it for my event?”, you may be wondering.

Why should I hire a private bartender for my events?

The answer to your previous question is a resounding yes. With a private bartender on your side, your party will become an experience. Themed cocktails that match your event’s vibe, custom drinks for each individual guest’s preferences, quick drink service the whole night… the potential to enhance your event’s ambiance is limitless!

But don’t just take our word for it. Let’s take a look at the tangible benefits of hiring a private bartender.

Why You Must Hire A Private Bartender for Your Events

The key benefits of hiring a private bartender

Let us paint the picture for you. A private bartender is not just someone hired to mix and pour drinks, they really do bring tangible advantages to the table. These are some of the greatest benefits of hiring professional private bar services:

  1. Private bartenders make sure guests receive high-quality beautiful drink service. They will ensure that every drink is crafted to perfection and served with finesse.
  2. They can tailor drink options based on the event’s theme or guest preferences. Whether it’s a tropical luau or a sophisticated wine evening, the drink menu will align seamlessly.
  3. With a private professional handling the bar, hosts can truly enjoy the event without the constant worry and stress of drink service or running out of supplies.
  4. Beyond just mixing drinks, a private bartender ensures responsible alcohol consumption. They’re trained to spot signs of overconsumption and can handle situations tactfully, to make sure no underage drinking and manage potentially intoxicated guests.
  5. Thought you’ll end up spending more? Not really. A private bartender can provide a cost analysis, showing potential savings compared to traditional bar services. By understanding drink quantities, you can avoid overbuying or underbuying and ensure cost efficiency.
  6. Whether it’s a small warm gathering of 10 or a big party of 100, private bartenders are flexible and can adapt.
  7. It’s all about the experience. A private bartender adds a touch of class and sophistication, making the event memorable for all attendees.
  8. No one likes waiting. With a private bartender, drink service is quick, ensuring minimal wait times and happy guests.
  9. Once the event is over, there’s no need to worry about the mess at the bar. Bartenders manage their station’s clean-up, which allows hosts to focus on bidding their guests goodbye.

Bonus: most importantly, with the bar in safe hands, you will have more time to chat, dance, and create memories with your guests.

How to choose the right private bartender for your event

As mentioned before, a private bartender isn’t just someone who stirs drinks and shakes cocktails. You need to pick someone who aligns with your vision to ensure your event is a success. Here’s how to make an informed choice:

  1. Look at their experience. Experience often translates to a smoother operation and better drink quality.
  2. Check online for reviews if they have a website or ask for testimonials. Past clients’ feedback can provide insights into the bartender’s professionalism and service quality.
  3. If your event has a specific theme or you want unique cocktails, ensure the bartender has expertise in that area.
  4. Make sure the bartender has liability insurance. This protects you and the bartender in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  5. Clarify what the bartender will bring and what you need to provide. This avoids last-minute scrambles for missing items.
  6. Ask for their pricing structure. Is it hourly or a flat rate? Are there additional charges for special requests?
  7. If possible, arrange a tasting session. This allows you to sample drinks and set expectations.
  8. A good bartender is also a good communicator. They should be responsive to your queries and open to your suggestions.
  9. Make sure all terms, including payment, cancellation policies, and services provided, are clearly outlined in a written contract.
  10. Important: analyze the bartender’s personality aligns with the vibe of your event. A good fit ensures better interaction with guests and an overall pleasant experience.
  11. And if all of the above seems like too much, consider a bartender-for-hire company. Companies like The Clever Barkeep can handle everything for you. We’ll assess your event’s needs and select the perfect bartender to ensure a hassle-free experience. Book a date or contact us for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to make your event better!

The clever barkeep can provide private bartenders for your big date!

When it comes to making your special event a true success, The Clever Barkeep is your best choice. Whether you’re seeking top-notch bar catering, a mobile bar experience, specialized packages, or mainly expert consulting—from staff training to menu development—we’ve got you covered. Our expertise extends to corporate events, weddings, private parties, fundraisers, birthdays, and even grand festivals.

Let our expert private bartenders make every moment shine.

Why The Clever Barkeep stands out

At The Clever Barkeep, we believe in letting our work speak for itself. 

Guided by industry leaders Jeff Van Horne and Matt Boyle, our team of award-winning mixologists is the trusted choice in Atlantic Canada. Take a look at our bartending packages and let us handle the bar.

the clever barkeep private bartender testimonial

Private bartender service FAQ

What are the most important things a private bartender should know?

A bartender’s knowledge extends beyond just mixing drinks. They need to understand their audience, be aware of the latest trends, and have a deep knowledge of various spirits and mixers. They should also be adept at managing the bar area, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Can anyone work as a private bartender?

While technically anyone can mix a drink, there’s a vast difference between an amateur and a professional. A certified bartender undergoes rigorous training, ensuring they’re equipped to handle any situation, from a spilled drink to a challenging guest.

What supplies am I expected to provide?

Typically, hosts provide the alcohol, mixers, and glassware. However, here at The Clever Barkeep, we are equipped with our own set of tools. We provide the alcohol and even the bar. We have different mobile bar options for you, from harvest table-style wooden bars, to vintage 80s light-up mobile bars. Contact us to discuss more.

Can the bartender create signature cocktails for my event?

Yes, one of the perks of hiring a private bartender is getting customized cocktails that resonate with your event’s theme or your personal preferences.

How many bartenders do I need for my event?

The general rule of thumb is one bartender for every 50-75 guests. However, this can vary based on the complexity of the drink menu and the overall setup. Contact us to discuss more.

Can I customize the drink menu for my event?

Of course! Whether you want a cocktail that matches your event’s color scheme or a drink inspired by a recent vacation, the sky’s the limit. Contact us to discuss more.

Can private bartenders provide non-alcoholic options for guests?

Definitely. We can whip up delightful mocktails that are as tasty and complex as their alcoholic counterparts. Contact us to discuss more.


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